Monday, January 2, 2017

Touring Chambord castle's interior - Loire Valley

I read a lot of time that the interior of Chambord castle does not deserve visit, because it is empty. That's not right for two reasons : even empty, the touring would be interesting and the castle isn't empty at all.

The furnitures
The first thing to know, is that this castle was empty since it has been built. It was only furnished when the kings were inside, some days per year. When they left, all the furnitures were taken with them. Even though Chambord rooms aren't so well furnished than castles like Cheverny, Chenonceau or Chaumont, there are a lot of objects to see, because furnitures have been bought for several years,  and several rooms are now full of furnitures and paintings.

This little video prepared by the Chambord Estate shows you some rooms, to give you an idea of what you could see in the castle.

The double spiral  castle
In the heart of the castle, you will see the famous double spiral staircase, which allows two persons to go up and down without crossing each other. The drawing of this staircase has been done by Leonardo Da Vinci, and you will see that nowhere else.

The terraces
At the top of the staircase, you will arrive on the terraces. And you will be astonished by the sight. In the middle of the decorated chimneys, you will have a 360° view on the Chambord park.

The Histo-Pad
If you like technology, you can rent a digital tablet called Histo-Pad. It will guide you in 12 languages inside the castle. 8 rooms of the castle have been reconstructed as during the Renaissance, to show you what they looked like. And for the children, there is an interactive treasure hunt on the digital tablet, this should avoid them to be bored.

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