Saturday, December 31, 2016

Go hiking in Loire Valley with donkeys

If your children have seen enough castle for all your holidays, you should offer them a hiking in the Loire Valley. And when they will complain about their tired feet, tell them you will hike with a donkey ! I'm sure you will be rated as a the mother of the year !

Between Cheverny, Chambord, and the zoo of Beauval, you will find "Les ânes de Madame", where you can rent donkeys to walk 2 hours in the forest nearby or a to hike several days to discover the nature of the Loire Valley.
Hiking with donkeys in Loire Valley children kids

We did the 2 hours walk with one donkey two years ago. The donkey was really friendly and obedient and the children were ecstatic. We ate a snack in the middle of the forest, near a lovely cabin.
Hiking with donkeys in Loire Valley children kids

The most difficult was at the end, when we had to give the donkey back. The children were fastened to its neck. They were ready to bring it home ! :)
Hiking with donkeys in Loire Valley children kids

Don't miss this opportunity to have a pleasant time in the middle of the nature with your family, far from all the tourists visiting the Loire Valley castles.

Be careful, you need to do a reservation before, or you will take the risk to explain to your children that no donkey remains for them : the disaster.

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