Monday, December 19, 2016

Loire Valley : the ideal destination for family holidays

Loire Valley with children Blois
Blois, our lovely town
We are a family living in Blois, a little town in the heart of the Loire Valley. During 10 years, we visited all the area with our children.

Culture, historic chateaux, nature observation, charming little villages, canoe trip on the Loire river, the Loire Valley offers a huge range of family activities and is an ideal destination for a family trip.

Our goal is to share our experiences, to show you how much the Loire Valley has to offer, and to give you all the tips to fully benefit of your stay.

 We hope you will enjoy this blog, that it will be inspiring, and that you will enjoy your futur holidays in Loire Valley !

Loire Valley with children Blois
Blois Chateau, in the center of Blois

Loire Valley with children Blois
The House of Magic, in front of the Chateau

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