Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chambord Castle : an architectural jewel in the heart of the the largest enclosed forest in Europe

Chambord castle is famous all over the world, the 2nd most visited château of France, after Versailles. With its 426 rooms, 282 fireplaces and 77 staircases, it’s the largest château in the Loire Valley and his architecture, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, is very impressive. 
You cannot visit Loire Valley without discovering Chambord castle. Your kids will be amazed when they will see the castle for the first time.

And visit the castle isn’t the only thing to do in Chambord. Chambord is surrounded by 5440 hectares of forest, closed by a 32 km long wall. It is the greatest closed forest in Europe, full of wild animals like deers, boars, raptors…  You will find a great choice of fun activities for your family in the middle of the nature.

On the estate, you can go hiking in the forest, boating on the waterways around the château, or do a 4X4 drive guided tour in the nature reserve off-limits to usual visitors. You can even assist to a horse show. 

Chambord oragnizes several special events, throughout the year. Wonderful decoration and Christmas show at the end of the year, a Grand Flea Market the 1st May, a Festival of Classic Music beginning of July. There is always something new to do !

During 2016, huge earthwork have been done to build french gardens around the château. These gardens will be ready to welcome tourists end of March 2017.

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