Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The House of Magic in Blois, Loire Valley

 The House of Magic is located in Blois downtown, just in front of the Royal Castle. The first thing to do, even before entering, is to stay at the front of the House and to wait until the drakes come out. Yes, I'm talking about drakes ! Mechanical drakes show up from the windows, growling and spitting smoke. It's really impressive for little children !

 This museum is dedicated to Robert Oudin, a conjurer famous in magicians community. Inside, you will see a lot of objects linked to the magic art. The children will play with optical illusions and you will all be surprised by the Hallucinoscope, a very original and funny activity.

During summer time, some magicians will do close-up magic shows, everywhere inside the Magic House. They will do their magic tricks just on front of you, and you will probably not be able to understand how they have done. Amazing !

And finally, you will assist to a magical show of 45 minutes in a 360 seats theatre.

We go each year in the House of Magic with our children, and they are still not bored. More than that, they became really interested in magical arts !

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